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How do I purchase Ready2Go articles?

Simply visit our online content store, add selections to your cart and head to checkout! During checkout, you will need to provide basic details, such as name, email address and payment details, so we can create an account for you. You can create an account at any time — and make checkout faster and more convenient!

How do you deliver the articles I’ve purchased?

We’ll send you an email when your content is ready. The email will include a link that will let you download your content. You can also sign in to your account at, click on Orders, select the appropriate order number and then click Download. Your content will open as an online page, which you can then download, save and use.

Note that content marked R2G will be available for download immediately after we process your payment. Content, marked will be available within five business days.

Do you offer infographics, videos or social media posts?

At this time, we have a limited number of infographics available. In the future, we plan to add video and social media offerings. We do offer certain video and social media services through our parent agency, CCG.

What does each purchase include?

You will receive a Word document of each Ready2Go article you purchase. Your purchase includes a non-exclusive license to use and publish that content.

How can I use the content?

You can use the content nearly any way you want. Ready2Go Content is particularly well suited for use in newsletters, bulletins and websites. It can also be leveraged for social media use.

How can I leverage the content for social media?

To use Ready2Go Content for social media, we recommend that you use an article’s headline and all or part of the introductory paragraph as a post, and then link to the full article on your website. Or you can write your own post, based on the content, and link to the article on your website.

Can I use an article more than once?

Yes. You can use the content you have purchased as often as you like and for multiple purposes. That’s what makes it such a good value!

How long can I use the content?

You will have a non-exclusive right to use the content for as long as you like, including archiving the content on your website.

Can I re-sell the content?

No. Any Ready2Go Content purchased from us may not be re-sold at any time, in any form. CCG retains ownership of the original material and provides clients only with a limited, non-exclusive license to use the product.

Can I read the entire article before purchasing?

No. However, you can view a short description of the article in our online store before making a purchase.

Do I need to worry about copyright or plagiarism issues?

No. When you purchase Ready2Go Solutions products, our parent agency, CCG, warrants that it has the right to grant the license to use and publish the articles. CCG will indemnify and hold harmless our client from any claims of any other parties arising out of the use of said material. Please note that the indemnification and hold-harmless clause is null and void if you make changes to the content beyond completing the personalization fields noted in the document you receive from us.

Can I request individual customization of content?

Our Ready2Go Content offers space to include a limited amount of customization. Typically, this is your financial institution name, a link to your website (often your branch locator page) and a phone number. Any additional customization will incur additional costs, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can I make changes to the content?

You may change the content to the extent of completing the personalization fields noted in the document you receive from us. If you make any other changes to any Ready2Go product, it nullifies the hold-harmless and indemnification clauses of our contract.

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